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 Walkway, Parking Lot Sweeping in Oviedo, FL


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Restore Your Property with Parking Lot Sweeping

and Commercial Landscaping That Adds Appeal

Improve the exterior appearance of your Retail and Commercial property with the help of Maximum Sweepers Inc. of Central Florida. We specialize in a variety of maintenance services such as parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and pressure washing that removes dirt and grime to give your building a cleaner look. We also perform commercial landscaping that transforms your building into an oasis of style featuring beautiful flowers and plants. Renew your property with parking lot sweeping and commercial landscaping from our company located in Central Florida.

Pavement, Commercial Landscaping in Oviedo, FL

We Help Your Business Maintain a Clean Look
Maximum Sweepers is a full-service power sweeping and parking lot facility maintenance company. We started the company with the goal of being a single vendor to help you maintain the appearance of your properties, which makes it easier for you to keep your occupancy rate at a maximum level. When you request it, we customize services to meet your individual property needs, including a detailed inspection of your properties to report any issues that may be present. You save time and money on property management when we handle the work for you. 

Our Services
• Power Sweeping
• Pressure Washing
• Commercial Landscaping


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